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My Barometer

Album Sleeve

"My Barometer is Right (but the Weather is Wrong)" (2011)

(Four Free sample tracks) Ten others are on the CD, which you can buy now . . . . .

  1. Last of the Light | Download MP3 (6.27MB) >
  2. The Worm in the Well | Download MP3 (4.83MB) >
  3. Shopping at IKEA | Download MP3 (4.46MB) >
  4. Light behind the Sun | Download MP3 (4.84MB) >

Pete Ryder and Sian Harry go back a bit ...
In 1976 they were in the band "Cair Paravel" who produced the album "Some Other Morning" – a rarity now fetching £1000+ on e bay and recently re-released (illegally) in the Far East; as a duo the then made ‘On Our Way Home’ (1978), also fetching silly prices these days. They then pursued separate careers, Sian serving Her Majesty’s Government, Pete an archaeologist (but still writing and singing songs; his 2008 ‘Pour les Petits Animaux’ earned a 9* review on Crossrhythms). but met up and had a sing again together at Greenbelt in 2009; then Pete sent Sian a draft recording of some new songs …. And the new album MY BAROMETER IS RIGHT (BUT THE WEATHER IS WRONG) is the result.
The four sample tracks include:
Last of the Light – an end-of-the-day song, a winding path through a dusky wood, that sort of thing
The Worm in the Well – triggered by the County Durham legend of the Lambton Worm, a song about the manifold forms of greed
Shopping at Ikea – a pilgrimage experience, mystic words you do not understand… numinosity on offer for everyone. It could almost be the Church of England!
Light behind the Sun - inspired by a line by in C S Lewis.

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