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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 1. Beatrix Potter's Gun

A song about the death of innocence – all of us have had a personal moment when we came to realise what the world is really like. Mine came many years ago when I visited Beatrix Potter’s Cottage at Sawrey, near Windermere, and saw what was hanging behind the front door – her shotgun. Was she really Beatrix Bunniesbane? Cruel, cruel.

Peter Rabbit went to the cabbage patch, it was a bright sunshiny day
He knew that it was teatime, Mr McGregor was away
Then he heard a noise and turned his little head-
The air was full of flying lead

So its run, run bunny, run, run, run
Run, run bunny, run, run, run
Here comes Beatrix Potter
look out! the lady’s got a gun

Today Peter Rabbit is not well he’s a rather poorly little bunny
His eyes are blind, he cannot see, his nose is somewhat runny
Please Mr Vet may I have the diagnosis
Has this little rabbit got myxomatosis?


Well, I thought furry bunnies and friendly mice
Like ponies and puppies and pussies were nice
But as I grew up, the myth evaporated
I’ve learned that they’re vermin and must be exterminated
I was a delicate child,. I was brought up with care
Tales about Rupert were all I could bear
Now I’m having nightmares, Mummy leave the light on
I come from the land that Enid put her blight on


How shall I introduce my kids to a world so cruel and cold
When the only Peter Rabbit they’re ever going to meet is the one in the casserole
The very best toy I have found so far
It’s a My Little Pony Dream Abattoir


It’s not just Beatrix it’s you and me
That have such very bad habits
We treat our brothers, we treat our sisters, even worse than we treat our rabbits
So I’m doing one thing for the good of my soul
Running through the fields and shouting down each hole

and I shout, run... comes Beatrix Potter, she really is a rotter
I wonder how she’d feel if a bunny rabbit shot her?
We’d all be so much happier if Beatrix forgot her


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