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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Albums > Pour Les Petits Animaux > Lyrics > Track 3. Vole Love

A newspaper article claimed that scientists had identified the hormone (nicknamed ‘devotin’) that was responsible for the Prairie Vole bonding to its mate for life….. No voles were harmed in the making of the recording (it was Ren chopping an onion with a kitchen knife)

There’s a little furry animal, they simply call the vole
‘though it’s name is an anagram for love
And just today it’s shown voles have this strange hormone
Its discovery is a blessing from above

When a boy girl meets a girl vole, they will never ever part
They never ever make each other cry
And scientists have proved that if we take this substance to
Just like voles we’ll never say goodbye

Vole love, vole love
It’s vole love that I want for you and me
Vole live, vole love,
Vole love lasts for all eternity

So I thought of you and me dear, and I set out on my quest
All day I searched the hedge in bended knee
At least I found a vole, as it ran out of its hole
It came to me quite voluntarily

For a while I kept it in a cage and fed it volish food
I wondered whether I should set it free
But I knew inside that vole, in addition to its soul
There was something I desired for you and me..

Vole Love
So I sat it on the table, made a valedictory speech
I ran my hand along its furry back
It gazed back up at me with a look that spoke vole-umes
So I shut my eyes – and hit it with an axe
I gathered bits of vole from the table and the floor
And scraped more from the ceiling and the wall
I boiled it and I fried it, then baked and sieved and dried it
And put it in a small box in the hall

Vole Love….
So I took my share of powdered vole and sprinkled it with care
On the baked beans I was having for my tea
One mouthful – then I panic, my passion grew vole-canic
I thought of you all vole-uptously
Sop I’m sending you your portion, as you eat it think of me
Never forget, my cherie, I am the one
Just wrap it in pastry, and I’m sure you will agree
I’m the man who put vole in your vol-au-vent

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