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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 5. Do Gerbils have Souls?

In memory of Jeremy (‘Jer’) and William (‘Bill’) our first pair of gerbils; they lived in the gerbil city on a specially constructed out-of-cat-reach shelf, but one day managed to push their door open and jump out – and Prudence slept beneath, in expectation of the night that this would happen! A year later, at Greenbelt, I sang this song in their memory – and through a strange and terrible quirk of fate (?), that very night, at home history was repeating itself, Jeffrey and James being the victims.

Sunset touched the sky and all creation was at rear
A gentle breeze blew cool across the hillside where we sat
So we rose and tu5rned out steps for home, arriving there to find
The gerbils had been eaten by the cat

The children said ’Oh Daddy, where are the gerbils now?’
The answers I could find, they were not one, but two
Physically, I fear it’s clear, they’re in the cat’s inside
But spiritually, I wasn’t sure I knew

Do gerbils have souls? What happens whn the ydie?
Do they soar above to realms of love, are they given wings to fly?
Will they all be waiting for us when we reach the other shiore?
We’ve had forty seven, now they’re all in Heaven
Do we really have to have any more?

On earth a gerbil’s bliss is found in being with his missis
In eating gerbil mixture, and in chewing toilet rolls
Can they really be such sinners, they deserve to be cat’s dinners?
I’ve read all my theology books and I just don’t know

But will the day come when right overcomes wrong,
And revenge is permitted and sweet
When slavering packs of gerbils pursue terrified cats down the street
But what about us I thought, what would they do,
If justice was justice indeed?
I don’t want to end my days in a small plastic cage
Bering fed apple cores and sunflower seed

I dreamed I met St Peter standing by he Pearly gate
He said ‘welcome, come on in, we’ve been waiting here for you
Your gerbils have had such fun the whole place has been over-run
The man from Rentokil’s next in the queue’

I’m asking all these questions and I never get an answer
Except to hear no sparrow can ever fall unseen
Is it just my fears and foibles I’ve projected on my goibles
May they rest in peace, wherever they may be

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