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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 9 The Cuttlefish

We all have some cephalopodic tendencies; who is honest enough to survive without them? I’m sorry about the political reference – these always date songs. Sometimes I rewrite them out, but I haven’t bothered here.

Oh the cuttle fish is not a subtle fish
It can turn the sea to ink
Pellucid to opaque in the twinkle of an eye
It takes place faster than you think
It’s all a defensive stratagem
An evolutionary gain
Ending up the winner, not as someone else’s dinner
It spares itself quite a lot of pain
(Being eaten can give you such a lot of pain)

Oh the rabbit is a beast you find inhabiting
A warren full of holes
That elusive little bun will always turn and run
To save his furry body and his little furry soul
In his subterranean labyrinth he can escape all crime
You think he will, he won’t, now you see him- now you don’t
With me it takes a bit more time
That’s all, with me it takes a bit more time

But still I can raise you a smokescreen
Appear in a guise that deceives all human eyes at will
I can change my colour, I can shift my shape
I’ve a thousand and one means of escape
I just vanish out the door....leaving you with nothing but the bill

The chameleon’s a cunning and a guileful little reptile
For it never nails its colours to the mast
It’s is only at a loss when it comes to zebra cross
-ings and crawls along a little too fast
It is proven to be true that it can change from red to blue
With more alacrity than Tony Blair
And its parents never dare to object to what it wears
or complain about the colour of its hair
No they don’t complain about the colour of its hair)

Mother Nature makes us ponder as she has so many wonders
Provided for our edification
Stacked up high reaching to the sky
On the shelves of the cupboard called Creation
But for anthropomorphic parallels
Finding them can really be tough
For when it comes to the way human beings behave
The beasts are just not beastly enough
(By half the beast are not beastly enough)

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