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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 11. The Wombat Song

My friend Cathy sent me a postcard from Australia proudly proclaiming that she had cuddled a koala, handled a python and had a wombat sitting on her knee. The song was virtually written for me; the subtlety and profundity of the chorus makes it an especial favourite with small children and Greenbelt audiences.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re stuck beneath the ceiling
The world has moved and you’ve been left behind
Your schemes for distant travel like your dreams are all unravelled
By the rising bell of one more breakfast time
When you stumble sleepy downstairs, and there upon the mat
Is a postcard from a friend, a postcard saying that...

She is in Australia, as far away as she can be
Where she’s cuddling koalas, wrestling a python
Sat with a wombat on her knee

Wombat, wombat,wombat,wombat
Wombat, wombat,wombat,wombat
Wombat, wombat,wombat,wombat
Wombat on her knee

I think of her down under and my heart it beats like thunder
At the dangers she must face, my soul is torn
When fondling marsupials, possums and kangaroo-pials
And dodging jolly swagmen and Shane Warne
And I cannot help but think that, because this world is round
Although she’s standing upright, she’s really upside down

because she is in Australia...

She is in Australia,.I feel such a failure
No long I sing gaily or whistle a blithe tune
I’ve only been to Scarborough and once to Market Harborough
To stay with Auntie Barbara,
For a week last June
I recall in other days that souvenirs of holidays
Were key-rings, paperweights, ash trays, and sticks of rock from Filey
But pretty soon now she’ll be here with Bottled Billabong Aussie Beer
While waddling at her heels you’ll see a
Duck-billed platypus called Kylie

When your friends are trekking solo in the steps of Marco Polo
You’re still stuck down to the town where you were born
Himalayas they are scaling, or it’s round the world they’re sailing
When the furthest that you get’s to mow the lawn
You’ve got to hold on to your vision, believe there’ll come a day
When it’s you that writes the postcard, it’s you that gets to say...
I am in Australia....

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