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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 13. Song for an Old Friend

Watch it! Getting into deep waters now. On occasions I have taken one of my favourite ammonites with me when I performed sung this one, and had a member of the audience hold it so I could sing to it, but for some reason people look at me a bit strangely.

Swimming in the sunlit shallows of a strange and distant sea
I watch you through the lens of time and my imagination
What I know as stone transforms into a live sea creature
I stare in wonder, awe and fascination

Did you love your life here, did Jurassic plankton soup taste good?
Did an ammonoidal mate drift by your side?
With her tentacles to tantalise, her pearly shell entrancing
Did you cruise the coast or choose a single bride?

This is just a song for an old old friend of mine
A friend deceased who rests in peace the subject of my rhyme
A song not many would write, not many take delight in
But one that is teasing and tangling all of my mind

Today you are extinct whilst (at the moment) I am not
Was it meterotic impact, or thick volcanic dark
That brought about the demise of yourself and of your kin
Or could Noah not find you a place inside his ark?

And so you shuffled off your mortal coil; it now lies in my hand
I plucked it from the stones on the bleak shore of the North Sea
Two hundred millions years are all that lies between our lives
Before the cold tide of time brought you to me
This is just a song for an old old friend of mine.....

And some would say you’re proof of a just a random course of consequence
The selfish gene, the DNA, two partners in an endless dance
Without a point or purpose, all time is just their roulette wheel
Spun by the blinded god of fate and chance

Now I cannot claim to understand but still believe there was a hand
That spun your beauty for a season with a reason and a cause
Creation or evolution, arguments brooks no solution
Can’t conceive that fast or slow may flow from the same source

This is just a song to say that I know that I don’t know
The answers to perplexing questions the many suggestions put forward to show
How faith and geology, science and theology all reconcile in the end
So I’ll gaze on the vista of time and of history and live with the mystery my friend

One day when the world is healed maybe I’ll walk down through the fields
Out to the windy beach far from the twisted reach of crazy
Questions far beyond my mind, and in a rock pool there I’ll find
my iridiscent ammonite freed from the hands of time

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