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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 14. Sheep in a Wolf's Clothing

When you’re white and woolly and a herbivore
Life can be really such a bore
Got no credibility on the street
When you simply walk round a field and bleat
Though everyone knows I’m a gullible beast
Still it’s sheer frustration getting fleeced
I’ve had enough
I’m going to be a wolf!

So I went downtown and I made a stop
At the counter of the Oxfam shop
Bought myself some wolfish gear
Second-hand, it wasn’t dear
Kit myself out in clip-on claws
Pointy ears and toothy jaws
Long grey tail that trails behind in a menacing way

I’m a sheep in a wolf’s clothing
I’ll swap my sheepish smile for either
Fangs or jowls that drip saliva
Brush my toupee of wolf fur
Look you in the eye and I’ll say ‘Grrr’
I’m a sheep in a wolf’s clothing

They thought I was safe inside the pen,
Instead I was reading a book by Lenin
So I plan the revolution and I smile
There’ll be shepherds in a pie and sheepdog trials
(and they’ll all be guilty)
I’ve had enough of being meek and mild
Animals are animals, born to be wild
Come the day the sheep will inherit the earth

I’m a sheep in a wolf’s clothing
I’m gonna walk like a wolf, talk like a wolf
Find some prey and stalk like a wolf
Curl my lips into a sneer
Roll my eyeballs as I leer
In such a terrifying way
Passers by will stop and say
‘Mummy is that a real wolf?’
‘Of course not dear, just a sheep in a wolf’s clothing’

I’m a sheep in a wolf’s clothing
All my friend they know it’s true to
Say there’s not a goose that I’d say boo to
I howl at the moon and I get as far
As Ow ow wow – but it ends up ‘baaa’
I’m a sheep in a wolf’s clothing

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