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Pour Les Petits Animaux

Pour Les Petits Animaux

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Track 15. Jurassic Tea Gardens

For the inner dinosaur

I was walking down the road one rainy night
When something quite unpleasant strode into my sight
It was twenty feet high with slavering jaws
Beady little eyes and great big claws
ow it was a dinosaur I’d seen them on a film
They are strong and voracious and it takes a lot to kill’em
Not being equipped for dinosaur elimination
I thought I’d better try and strike up a conversation

I looked up at its huge head on a short muscular neck
And said ‘are you a Tyrannosaurus …. Er, Rex?
He ad ‘well actually my name is Rover, but I don’t really mind
I’m just the sort of dinosaur anyone might find
It’s just an illusion to say we are extinct
We’ve been here all along, and now we’re on the brink
Of making such a comeback as your personal pets
Claws, teeth and all, you ain’t seen nothing yet

And there are dinosaurs
Waiting round the corner
There are dinosaurs
Who are practising their parts
There are dinosaurs
The dinosaurs are hungry
There are dinosaurs
In the shadows of our hearts

Cousin Mary’s pet canary warbled cheerfully
But in her attic pterodactyls waited for their tea
David had a goldfish that swum round inside a bowl
But something that should have been a fossil pulled the strings inside his soul
Mrs Jones’ Peke it bit the man who came the mend the phone
But every day her dinosaur will grind her husband’s bones
The Reverend Simpkins is mild-manned, gentle and restrained
But there’s a monstrous Mesozoic something living ion his drains

And there are dinosaurs…

There are many kinds of dinosaur in each suburban street
Most of us have got one, though we try to be discreet
Living in our closets we’ve all sorts of sorts of saurus
We keep them even though they’re prone to bite and rend and claw us
If you just probe a little scratch the surface more or less
There are cupboards full of skeletons clad in reptilian flesh
Don’t ask me how to handle them, how the problem can be solved
It wasn’t me created them, - they simply just evolved

And there are dinosaurs
Who don’t wear Jurassic Park T-shirts
There are dinosaurs
You never get to se
There are dinosaurs
Who always draw their curtains
There are dinosaurs
Who look just like you and me
Who look just like you and me
Who look just like – well, you


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