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Peter in cavelet, Stanhope Dene

Peter in a cavelet,
Stanhope Dene



Holes in the ground, especially natural ones in limestone, have long held a particular fascination for Peter; his recent book ‘Memoirs of a Moldywarp’ documents this, from first underground forays into the Richmond Copper Mine as an eleven-year old to more recent explorations throughout England, Scotland and Ireland. His especial interests are in looking for new caves, exploring and surveying them. The Moldywarps Speleological Group, founded in 1966, has been responsible for finding and documenting hundreds of new caves not all, admittedly, of immense extent. Peter is not as active underground now as he used to be, but keen Moldywarps are still regularly finding and surveying new passage in their traditional grovelling-ground of the North Yorkshire Dales; the group’s twelfth journal has just been published.



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