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Pete Ryder

"Another Good Day for the End of the World" (2011)
Single Track - Free Download - Released July 2011

Another Good Day for the End of the World | Download MP3 (3.41MB) >

This song was written on May 22nd this year, a day after American Harold Camping  stated the world should have ended – or at least, apocalyptic fury would have been released worldwide. Of course he was crazy, wasn’t he?; but still a lot us  breathed a slight sigh of relief with the sunrise next morning….  I loved the way he told the press he had had ‘a difficult weekend’ – and then came up with the usual defence of failed end-predictors, yes, it did happen – but in a spiritual sense, so that  no-one else noticed, so, oh no, he wasn’t wrong (in fact it will all now happen on October 21 st). Poor Harold, hamstrung on his own pride. He should read the plain text in the Bible ‘no-one knows  the day nor the hour’ instead of misusing it as between-the-lines source for silly occultic calculations. Doubt he’ll be the last.  Thanks to two good friends who helped, Sian on backing vocals and keyboard and Geoff Ridley doing the recording.


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